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CARNEGIEVIP is a customer rewards program that offers elite services, gifts and experiences to our most loyal customers purchasing in the United States. The more you spend and engage with ROSNER CARNEGIE HAUTE COUTURE /, the better your status, benefits and rewards!


How can I join?

Joining is easy! You can enroll in the ROSNER CARNEGIE HAUTE COUTURE / rewards program in one of our full-price U.S. retail stores or online at by providing your first and last name and email address. The program is free to join so once you enroll, you can start enjoying VIP benefits right away!

Currently, you cannot enroll in the ROSNER CARNEGIE HAUTE COUTURE / rewards program in a ROSNER CARNEGIE HAUTE COUTURE / outlet store or in any department store, specialty store or off-price retailer.


As a CARNEGIEVIP member, what benefits do I get?

Your benefits and rewards as a CARNEGIEVIP member depend on your CARNEGIEVIP member status. Your benefits will grow as you achieve a higher status. Just for enrolling, all CARNEGIEVIP members receive free standard shipping and returns, private styling and appointments and use of our CARNEGIEVIP mobile app. For a full list of benefits and rewards for all CARNEGIEVIP member tiers, see the chart below or visit our CARNEGIEVIP Rewards Program Terms and Conditions page for more information.



*Spend per calendar year STUDIO
Free to Join BACKSTAGE
3000+ Points RUNWAY
6000+ Points RED CARPET
15000+ Points

Free Standard Shipping & Returns


Private Styling + Appointments

Early Access To Sale

Annual Member Gift

Birthday Reward

Free Gift Wrap

Exclusive In-Store Events

Early Access To Special Products

Reserved VIP Phone Line

VIP Experiences

Special Loyalty Gifts


How do I determine my CARNEGIEVIP status?

Your CARNEGIEVIP status is based on how many points you earn in a calendar year.

  • STUDIO: 0–2,999 Program Points

  • BACKSTAGE: 3,000-5,999 Program Points

  • RUNWAY: 6,000-14,999 Program Points

  • RED CARPET: 15,000+ Program Points


How do I earn points?

There are currently four (4) ways to earn points:

1. Make a purchase! Every dollar you spend on an eligible purchase (excluding amounts spent on tax; purchases of gift cards; and any services, such as gift wrapping) earns you 10 points. *$1=10 points

2. Sign up for the CARNEGIEVIP program → earn 100 Points (limited to 1 x per lifetime per account).

3. Add an item to your wish list on or via the CARNEGIEVIP app → earn 10 points per item (limited to 10 items per year per account).

4. Submit a rating and review on or via the CARNEGIEVIP app → earn 50 points per rating and review (limited to 5 ratings and reviews per year per account).

* See CARNEGIEVIP Program Terms and Conditions for exclusions and additional information.


Do my points expire?

Yes. Points accumulate for an entire calendar year and reset back to zero on January 1. For example, if you enroll in 2018, any points you earn will expire and reset on January 1, 2019 (and every subsequent January 1).


Does my status expire?

While points reset at the end of a calendar year, you can keep your status for the remainder of the calendar year in which it was earned PLUS a full calendar year after! In order to maintain your status going forward, you must accumulate at least the minimum point balance needed, or else you will fall to a lower status at the end of that next year.

EX: In 2018, you enroll and earn 6,000 points, making you Runway status. On January 1, 2019, your points will reset to zero. Although you won’t yet have any points for 2019 you will still get to enjoy the benefits of the Runway status for the duration of 2019. If, in 2019, you only earn 4,000 points, you will drop to Backstage status in 2020 until you accrue additional points to get back to Runway status.


Can I combine my points from multiple accounts?

We encourage CARNEGIEVIP members to use a single email address and account for all transactions to ensure you receive points toward your DRAKEVIP tier status. In the event that you need to combine accounts, please email Customer Service at


Can I earn points from buying ROSNER CARNEGIE products in a Wholesale or Outlet Store?

At this time you can earn points for purchases made only in a full-price ROSNER CARNEGIE HAUTE COUTURE / retail store located in the U.S., or online at, or via our CARNEGIEVIP app. You cannot currently earn CARNEGIEVIP points for any purchases made in a ROSNER CARNEGIE HAUTE COUTURE / outlet store, or from any department store, specialty store, off-price retailer or any other wholesale retailer.


What happens when I make a return?

If you make a return, the points earned from that purchase will be deducted from your CARNEGIEVIP account.


How do I receive my birthday reward?

If your CARNEGIEVIP account includes your birthday and you have achieved Backstage status or above, you are eligible for an annual birthday reward. Approximately two weeks before your birthday you will receive an email with a special birthday reward. Redemption instructions, as well as any other applicable terms and conditions, will be provided in the email. You can redeem your reward in any full price U.S. ROSNER CARNEGIE HAUTE COUTURE / retail store, online at, or via the CARNEGIEVIP app.

Want to make sure you’re on the birthday list? Add your birthday information to your CARNEGIEVIP profile.


What is the annual member gift? How and when can I receive it?

Annual gifts will be given to eligible members who have reached or maintained Backstage, Runway or Red Carpet statuses only. Studio members do not receive an annual gift. Members eligible for the annual gift will be notified when their gift is ready by email, online and in the app when their gift is ready to be redeemed, along with instructions for redemption. Annual gifts are subject to availability, while supplies last. ROSNER CARNEGIE HAUTE COUTURE / reserves the right to substitute the annual gift for another item of equal or greater value, in its discretion. Annual gifts cannot be returned or exchanged, or redeemed for cash or store credit.


How do I arrange a private styling appointment?

If you are member of CARNEGIEVIP, that makes you eligible for a free private styling appointment, our in-store stylists would be happy to help you make your arrangements. Just call the nearest full-price U.S. ROSNER CARNEGIE HAUTE COUTURE / store of your choice to make an appointment.


How long until new purchases get added to my account?

It can take up to 24 hours for your points to appear in your CARNEGIEVIP account.


What if I have more questions?

Please email Customer Service at

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